Friday, June 13, 2008

Up in New Jersey

Wow, so many things going through my mind.  I'm sitting here in my room in a retreat center somewhere in New Jersey.  I was asked a couple months ago to be the "speaker" at this retreat for a Brazilian church from Connecticut.  It's really weird being here for many reasons:

  1. New Jersey is where I first lived in America - 16 years ago!
  2. Most of the people I'll be speaking to are older than I.
  3. I miss my family tremendously right now.
  4. I'm not used to teaching/preaching in Portuguese 
  5. I'm doing 5 talks in the next 3 days.  
  6. Brazilians are late for everything - the first session was supposed to start at 7:30, it is now 8PM and we haven't even had dinner yet!  
Though those things make me feel strange, I'm trying to focus on the positives of this trip.  The things that excite me, like:
  1. I got to visit old friends from Jersey and shared the vision of South Bay Church with them.
  2. The weather here is not nearly as humid as Charleston.
  3. I get to do one of the things I most enjoy in life: teaching God's Word.
  4. I worked things out so that I don't have to go to Mexico next week for a Mission Trip. Though I love mission trips, I was not looking forward to being away from my family for another 9 days!
  5. Being here allows me to relax (somewhat) right before I enter one of the busiest seasons of my life (raising money for South Bay Church).
  6. This place is beautiful and I'm right by a lake where I'm sure I'll be spending some time with Jesus in the morning!
Well, let's see how it goes.  Please pray for me and these crazy brazilians I'll be sharing God's Word with.  
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