Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smoking What We Sell

This week a good friend of mine, Josh Surratt, sent out a twitter message with a picture of their church-staff worship time, along with the quote, "we smoke what we sell".  

My mind immediately went back to my drug-dealing days as I remembered the difference between buying drugs from people that smoked it themselves and from some that sold it, but did not consume it.  

I was always hesitant to buy from those people.  If it's so good, why don't you smoke it yourself? In fact, people were much more willing to buy drugs from me if I had already smoked some with them.  Then, I could tell them, "this is really good stuff".  

I know it sounds weird to compare drug dealing with worship, but isn't it true that our world longs for people who smoke what they sell?  People who spread the Message because they are consumed by it?  People who inhale so much of God, that they confidently can say, "this is good stuff!"  
The women that saw Jesus resurrected, "ran to Him, grasped His feet, and worshiped Him" (Mat. 28:9).  Overwhelmed by Him, they did not want to let go of his feet.  They didn't just worship with words and songs- they bowed their hearts, humbly grasped His feet, and really worshiped! They smoked it! 

I wonder how much more the world would listen to the Message we carry, if we Christians spent less time talking about it, and more time inhaling the presence of Jesus.  So that our expressions are simply a reflection of who we are inside.  

"God, I pray that we would smoke what we're selling"
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