Friday, September 12, 2008

Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival

I'm so excited about this weekend!  It's our first ever event as South Bay Church.  We committed to bring 20something volunteers to this festival to help set up booths, clean up, play with kids, and serve in whatever way possible.  A team from Lakepoint Church in Texas came out yesterday and they're staying through the weekend to represent South Bay Church and serve the city with us.

The city people are so shocked at our initiative to serve.  The said they have never had a church volunteer at one of their events!  We also have our own booth and we're excited to meet some of the 50,000 people that will be coming by.  We're right in between the wine booth and the beer booth - quite ironic. 

Please pray that people will recognize our service as a practical way to show God's love toward them.  

Here's the link to the festival page: (click here)
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