Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are We Crazy Enough?

I'm convinced the Apostle Paul was crazy - but not crazy in the way we would usually think of it. He would constantly put his life at risk just for a small possibility to share God's message with people.  I was just reading in Acts 19, how a huge riot broke out in Ephesus because of people's anger toward Paul, who was "convincing" people to not worship hand-made gods, but to give their lives to the Living God.  

These people who were "boiling with anger", dragged a couple of Paul's companions into the city's amphitheater (actual picture above), and began to scream in rage against them... There were hundreds of people there with the desire to kill these Christians, and it says that "Paul wanted to go in"! (19:30)  Is he crazy??
His friends knew what Paul was thinking, they knew he was nuts and would use any opportunity to spread the Message he so passionately believed in.  So, they "wouldn't let him" (19:30) go in there.  In fact, some of the officials that knew Paul, sent him a message "begging him not to risk his life by entering the amphitheater".  

I wander what would happen if more of us were crazy like that.  Our crazy love for God would compel us to take bold risks so that others can experience what we have.  What if our friends had to "beg us" not to risk our lives, cause they knew we were so committed that we just might...

"Father, make us courageous risk takers.  Make us crazy for you.  Infuse us with so much love for this world, that we would go to great lengths to spread Your life-changing Message."

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