Friday, November 28, 2008

Why I love being a dad

  1. It reminds me daily to watch what I say and do, because they imitate everything they see in me.  This morning my daughter saw me reading my Bible in bed, so she ran to her room, grabbed her "special" Bible, and came to ask me if she can read in bed also!
  2. Everyday I'm filled with indescribable joy when I see them.  I love it when they wake up in the morning laughing at one another. I love coming home in the afternoons a
    nd they run with open arms to hug me.  
  3. It is truly impossible to fully understand fatherly love, until you have a child.  I love these girls beyond my ability to explain it.  And the love grows daily.
  4. It helps me seek God more.  I'm constantly reminded of how inadequate I am to train a child in such a messed up world.  I need God's grace to guide me and give me wisdom.
  5. I have the incredible opportunity to daily train up 2 daughters to serve God and change the world by the way they live.  
  6. I love the freedom that you find in parenting.  Many people are scared of having kids because they might lose their "freedom", but I've found such great joy in the new types of freedom you find in having a family.  Freedom to love differently, enjoy life together, learn about each other, make memories...
  7. Being a dad makes me a better husband.  I appreciate my wife so much each day, because of all the sacrifices she makes for them.  We made a decision that the best gift we can give our children is a healthy marriage, so we're constantly reminded to stay close to each other.
  8. I love it when I'm putting Lily to sleep and she hugs my neck and says "I love you so much daddy".  Won't trade those moments for anything.
  9. I love it when in the middle of my busy days and stressful times, I can hold Cailyn in my arms and, in that moment, I'm reminded of God's loving grace and everything just seems to get better.  
  10. Being a dad allows me to daily understand a little bit better how God loves me - as His child.  Why He disciplines, forgives, guides...  I love being a dad.
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