Monday, February 09, 2009

South Bay Church Grand Opening!

"Only God!" is the phrase that comes to mind as I write this. South Bay Church's Grand Opening Sunday yesterday was amazing! Let me share with you some statistics:
  • Over 279 people including 40 kids were present (about 230 of these people are from the community)
  • 9 people indicated they made a first time decision to follow Christ and crossed over into an eternal relationship with the living God! Best part of the whole day.
  • 17 people indicated they recommitted their lives to following Christ.
  • 61 first time guests filled out connection cards. The cookouts, mailers, and door-hangers continue to work and make an impact.
  • We had over 50 people volunteering and serving - amazing team for the amount of time we've been here! They continue to amaze me with their diligence and commitment.
We also had 2 mission teams from partner churches serving all weekend with us: Lake Pointe Church, TX sent 11 people and Pleasant Valley Baptist, MS sent 2 people. They hung almost 6000 doorhangers around the community and made a huge impact!

My parents, Renan and Juliane, have now officially joined our team! It is so good to have them with us and they found an apartment right across the street from ours! Our good friends from South Carolina, Brad and Laura Thomas, were also here this week with us serving and praying for confirmation about moving out here. They are pretty confident God is calling them to move here by the Fall to join our team!

THANKS to those of you that joined our 21 Days Of Prayer Journey, our 48-Hour Prayer Chain, all you who support us financially, all you guys who write us encouraging emails, and all you who are believing with us that God will use South Bay Church to reach thousands of the +2 million people in the Silicon Valley that don't have a relationship with God.

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