Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Real Miracle

Last week my family experienced one of the most horrific things someone can experience. My sister Cristine in Brazil was driving down the interstate with her 19-month as she lost control of her car. The car crashed at high speed into the side of a rocky hill.

I got a phone call from my dad, who was crying, saying that there had been a terrible accident and, though my sister seemed ok, her son, Tiago, was in critical condition and had fractured his skull in 2 places.

He was unresponsive and it didn't seem like he was going to make it. His brain was swelling and bleeding internally.

Within a couple hours, friends, family, and our Church family began to spread the news like wildfire. Literally thousands of people around America and Brazil began to pray fervently and ask God for a miracle. I spent several hours crying and praying and pleading with God for his touch in Tiago's life and His comfort in my sister's heart.

In the midst of all this, I received a text message from a my good friend Kevin Harris and all it said was, "he 'will not die but live to declare the works of the Lord' - Ps. 118:17" Though I wanted to believe this with all my heart, part of me didn't quite know what would happen. I fully believe God heals, but I also know that bad things happen to the godly and the ungodly. Life without pain and suffering is only guaranteed in eternity, not this life. Also, the odds were against Tiago - even if he survived, no one knew if he would be the same again.

To keep a long story short, a real miracle happened! Tiago's recovery has been surprisingly fast. As the Church began to pray, his brain stopped swelling and the internal bleeding stopped. Each day he has miraculously experienced healing. Only ONE WEEK later, he is walking, talking, and even singing! The doctors said he can go home from the hospital very soon! God is touching Tiago and restoring health to his body.

  1. Miracles happen! God moves when people pray.
  2. Don't take your family for granted, enjoy every minute. Life is very fragile.
  3. The Church of Christ is powerful when we unite. I literally got over 100 emails in just a few hours with people offering help, prayers, and encouragement. So much love was poured on our family.
  4. Always buckle up! Especially your kids. No one is exempt from accidents.
  5. God helps us through trials. My sister said several times that she felt the supernatural strength of God in her as people prayed. I can't imagine going through something like this without the comforting power and strength of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for all you who prayed! Glory be to God for healing Tiago and my sister. Glory to Him for reversing the consequences of this horrible accident and saving a little child's life!

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