Friday, December 18, 2009

The Power of a Woman

Some of you might think I'm writing this blog to earn "brownie points", but that's really not the case. I'm writing this because the Scriptures say "give honor to whom honor is due" and I was so reminded today of the amazing power and honorable role of mothers/women.

I'm constantly amazed at my wife's strength:
  • She manages to keep the house clean and organized, even with two toddlers at home.
  • She teaches them, entertains them, and plays with them in a well balanced way pretty much every day.
  • I come home to a home-cooked dinner most days of the week and often even for lunch.
  • Even with the busy schedule, she spends time with God consistently, she invests her life into a small group of girls every week, and takes the time to blog her learnings so that others can benefit from them (
  • On top of all this, she takes care of her body by eating well and exercising (not right now because she is 8 months pregnant!).
  • She is able to go grocery shopping and even Christmas shopping with a 2 year old and a 3 year old at the same time! When I try this, it's usually not such a great experience.
  • She has high standards for her life, strong values for our family, and always finds a way to bring "meaning" to the things we do.
  • She cares deeply about our family traditions and understands that raising our kids and investing in them is more valuable than money, career, or comfort.
  • She constantly puts her desires aside for the greater good of our family and lives an exemplary life, without whining about "having no one to invest in me" - like so many people do.
  • She builds me up in front of people and is careful to protect the integrity of our family. I could go on and on...
One of the most amazing parts of all this is that she can do all that while being 8 months pregnant! If that's not honorable, I'm not sure what is. Anyways, I want to applaud all you women who are so strong and live selfless lives like my wife. In my eyes, you are stronger than most men I see in our world. Thank you Mandy!! I love you and am so grateful for having you as my wife.
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