Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Efraim Lucas Santos

This is our new little boy born January 25, 2010. His name is Efraim Lucas Santos - born weighing 8lb 1oz and 20'' long.

Mandy and I choose all our children's names primarily based on their meaning. Their names become our prayer and blessing for their life. They become a point of reference in our conversations with our kids and our prayers to our God. They are, in essence, our main hope and desire for what kind of people they will be and what kind of life they will live.

Our first daughter's name is Liana (Lily) Kate Santos. Liana means "God answers prayer" and Kate means "innocence". Our prayer for her is that she would reach the end of her life and be able to say that God answered her prayers, because of her innocence of heart and strength of character.

Our second daughter's name is Cailyn Grace Santos. Cailyn means "purity" and Grace obviously means grace, but biblically speaking, it also speaks of God's favor. Our prayer for her is that should would be a model of purity to her generation and be able to see and experience the grace and favor of her God in every moment of life.

Our third child and first son's name is Efraim Lucas Santos. In English, his name would be spelled Ephraim, but we used the Portuguese version since I'm Brazilian. Ephraim was one of the sons of Joseph (Genesis 48) and when Joseph took his two sons to receive a blessing from Jacob (Joseph's dad), Jacob crossed his arms and gave Ephraim the blessing from his right hand, which was contrary to the custom in which the 1st born would receive that blessing. The blessing was that he would become very fruitful...

Efraim means "doubly fruitful" or "increasing" and Lucas means "bringer of light" or "luminous". Our prayer for him is that he would "remain" in Jesus (John 15), in other words, live in the Presense of Jesus, and therefore become an increasingly fruitful man in the Kingdom of God. We pray that he would be a bringer of light to his generation, luminous with God's power and love.

Kids are truly a blessing from God. With each child our love increases and our understanding of the love and greatness of God multiplies. I love being a dad.
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