Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Big God, Small Worship

"PRAISE THE Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in the heavens of His power! Praise Him for His mighty acts; praise Him according to the abundance of His greatness!" Psalm 150:2

I read Psalm 150 this morning and this verse jumped at me. I feel like so often our worship is so small because our perspective of our God is so small. When God is small in my mind, it's harder for me to pray, my worship times are shallow, my life is less surrendered, my faith and risk-taking is merely safe.

However, when my awareness of His Greatness is in my heart and mind, I find it so easy to pray fervently, worship deeply, give freely, risk greatly, and passionately surrender myself into His hands. I'm so glad the Psalmist said to praise Him "according to the abundance of His greatness".

That's the worship He wants. BIG worship. It's pretty easy to identify small worship among leaders, here are some signs:
  1. When pastors become more passionate about their style or theological leaning, than God Himself.
  2. When worship leaders care more about what other "cool" worship leaders think, than what God thinks. I often wonder if some worship leaders worship other worship leaders or their music more than God.
  3. When church leaders care more about becoming great leaders, than becoming great men/women of God.
  4. When talent is what impresses us, more than anointing.
  5. When prayer and worship feels more like a duty, than a privilege.
  6. When our prayers and pleadings are reactive, self-focused, and comfortable, rather than proactive (Kingdom-come), other-focused, and risky.
  7. When churches settle on maintaining numbers, rather than growing and reaching more people.
  8. When we are "too busy" to pray or seek God, as if He was that small.
  9. When we get more excited about teaching and equipping other leaders, than being trained and equipped ourselves.
  10. When our ways, traditions, and rituals become the standard versus listening the Spirit's voice.
  11. When the name of Jesus becomes a common name to us - no longer bringing tears to our eyes or awe in our hearts.
  12. When we no longer fear our God, then we know he has become small in our minds.
Wow, God help me to see you in your greatness. Open the eyes of our understanding, so that we may see the surpassing greatness of your Glory. Let us not settle for small worship, ineffective living, fruitless ministry, and shallow prayers. Let your Greatness bring me to my knees again, reminding me of my smallness and Your Surpassing Greatness.
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