Saturday, April 24, 2010

CATALYST WEST: What I learned from John Ortberg, Dino Rizzo, Dan Kimball, Scott McKnight, and Aaron Keyes

Over the next few days, I'm going to post my top learnings from the Speakers at the conference. These are things I felt were most significant as it relates to my life and ministry. Also, in some cases, what I write I learned from these men/women are not things they directly spoke about, but I just felt God speak to me as they shared their messages.

Aaron Keyes – Worship Pastor, Grace Fellowship (

  • Some people don’t connect well with Aaron’s style of leading worship because he talks a lot in between songs, but what really challenged and encouraged me was the amount of Scripture that he quoted (from memory) from the stage. He led worship just as much with Scripture as he did with songs. Every song was soaked in Scripture as we sung it.
  • God’s Word needs to be a bigger part of my life and ministry. Always know the biblical foundation for the things you do.

Scott McKnight – Professor and Author, the Jesus Creed (

  • It’s trendy to be a “missional” church, but many are becoming less evangelistic as they are engaging in justice and poverty initiatives. *Be missional, but also gospel-centered and driven. Souls are what really matter.
  • The definition of Christian is not someone who has all the spiritual disciplines, but one who follows Jesus – interacts with him, listens to him, goes where He leads…

Dan Kimball – Pastor of Vintage Faith Church and Author, “The Like Jesus, But Not The Church” (

  • If we hold the church’s historical view of sexuality, it doesn’t mean we are fundamentalists or hateful. Teach your church to deeply love those who are not in alignment with you and teach a biblically holistic perspective on sexuality.
  • We have now shifted to communicate the Gospel with deeds and social actions well, but most of our churches don’t know how to articulate the Gospel with words anymore. Teach people to articulate the Gospel clearly with words.

Dino Rizzo – Lead Pastor, Healing Place Church (

  • Jesus washes the feet of His disciples and then tells them, “I have given you an example to follow… now that you know these things, God will bless you for doing them.” (John 13:17)
  • Guard your heart so that you are constantly growing as a servant. Also teach your team Jesus’ way of leading – by humbly and sacrificially serving others. God’s blessing comes when we lead this way.

John Ortberg – Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (

  • If you gauged spiritual maturity by disciplines, the Pharisees would always win.
  • Let God’s grace shape your life in the uniqueness that God created you.

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