Monday, April 30, 2012

How the guys at Google, Apple, Cisco... are helping South Bay Church

I would say that one of my favorite things in life is seeing people start using their time, talents, and treasures for a HIGHER purpose, not just their own. There are very few organizations and churches that have the quantity & quality of volunteers that we have at South Bay Church. When we serve at city events, there are hundreds of volunteers who step up to serve even in the dirtiest jobs. Every Sunday there have been dozens of volunteers who show up at 6:45am to set up our kids spaces and auditorium for church services, not to mention the hundreds who serve during 1 of our 4 services. I could go on and on...

After 3 years of 'portable' church, yesterday we had our last Sunday gathering at Don Callejon School.  As I was locking the school gym one last time after tear down, I was reflecting on the amount of work that passionate volunteers put into creating engaging experiences for those far from God to encounter Him.  I was so amazed as name after name came to mind - people from all different cultures, backgrounds, talents, ages... serving their hearts out because of their love for God and people.

Though I know I don't have enough space to mention everyone who sacrificially serves @ South Bay, I thought I'd start by acknowledging the ones in the tech world, which is one of the benefits of church-planting in Silicon Valley.   These are some of the people who caught the vision that God has given them specific technological gifts and positioned them in influential places, not just so that they can create awesome tech products, but so that they can impact the world with His Love and advance the Kingdom of God with what's in their hands.
  • Google - Mark Louie is a project manager at Google and our Technology Director at South Bay Church.  He meets monthly with 10+ developers and other tech guys at the Google campus in order to advance the use of the technology at our church.  Many other SB googlers like Jonathan Tan and Cade Fassett are working hard in his team to help us create websites, mobile apps, maximize social media, and many other technology initiatives.
  • Apple - Fred Torres has been one of our best connections at Apple, not to mention the fact that he and his wife have brought over 40 people to church with them, many of whom received Christ and were baptized last year (watch their story).  Fred helped us get iPads for our Connection Center, so that people can sign up for Life Groups and Volunteer Teams easier.
  • Cisco Systems - Andrew Timko from Cisco spend 14 hours just this last Saturday setting up our wireless infrastructure at our new North San Jose Campus.  He and other volunteers designed and installed in our building just about the most kicking wireless set up available out there.  
  • Intuit - Dante is a programer and serves on Sunday mornings in the Production team and has been helping us maximize the use of some of our internal database systems, like Planning Center and Fellowship One. 
  • LinkedIN - Andrew Pottenger is a web programer and designer at LinkedIN and spent many hours helping us finish our new church website.  He is also creating the mobile version of our site and working on several other design projects for the church.
  • TiVo - Matthew Beck is helping us use the latest technology to livestream our Sunday services, as well as helping us with the launch of the SB iPhone app.
  • iPhone APP developers - Mark Jardine ( and Jerry Shen ( are some of the best APP makers out there.  Mark spent countless hours designing our new website ( and Jerry is helping us in several areas, including the use of Fellowship One and Planning Center (sync).  
  • Social Media / Marketing experts - Mike Louie (VMware) and Tony Yang (start ups) are helping us stay current and ahead with our Social Media initiates and communication.
There are SO many more people I could mention here.  It is so beautiful to see people after people shifting to a SELFLESS and SACRIFICIAL type of living.  These are people who realize that there is more to life than creating products, making profit, and building our own kingdoms.  These people have been changed by God and now use their talents, time, and treasures for a higher purpose.  What a great example to follow!  

Hope you also ask God how He can use your life for His purposes and Kingdom, not just your own.   That's the way of true life and fulfillment.  

“If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.  If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it." Jesus (Matthew 16:24, NLT)
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