Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adoption Update: Dossier Sent!

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What’s Happening:I apologize for the lack of updates lately. But there’s not been much to say.
Over the last six weeks, our paperwork has been en route to different state offices across the country, the U.S. State Department, and two different Brazilian Consulates here in the U.S. It felt like a miracle to get them all signed, stamped, and returned.
Saturday I received our final document.
Sunday afternoon I stood at the copy machine for over an hour copying all of our paperwork.
Yesterday I mailed it off to our agency.
Our dossier is done and this is something to rejoice over. I’m slowly crawling out of the mound of paperwork, and today I feel about a hundred pounds lighter. I spent this morning organizing every receipt, every donation, and every copy of every document. I can now rest and put that part behind me…for a little while at least.
But with where we stand in our process, not all is hopeful. Not yet at least.
Several months ago we received an update from our agency. It read: “We learned last week that the state where our agency works in Brazil has put a suspension in place for international adoptions.”Suspended. For how long? No one knows.
Knowing this information going into our final stage of the paperwork process was reason not to rush…too much. While I did everything in my power to finish the paperwork as quickly as possible, I did not stress when the State Department took three weeks longer than expected in returning their document. (I guess with everything going on in Syria, John Kerry had a lot going on.)
When we started this adoption process,what I felt most strongly was that we were to put ourselves in the position to receive. Now that we have our paperwork done, that’s the position we are finally in. And that’s why I rejoice. I feel like I’ve done what God asked me to. That’s ALL I can do. Worrying. Wondering. Stressing about this suspension will not change anything.
Now we wait. We pray. We prepare. And we know God is in control.
What We’ve Done (since May):
  •  Received I800A approval
  • Sent documents for state certification (California & South Carolina)
  • Received documents
  • Sent documents to the Brazilian Consulate (San Francisco & Atlanta)
  • Mailed Dossier
How Much We’ve Spent: 
  • $1204- State Certification
  • $384- Brazilian Consulates
  • $1700- AWAA Mid-Program Fee
  • $2600- Dossier & Translation Service
  • $2000- Post Adoption Deposit
  • $23- Postage
Total to date: $$15,134
What You’ve Done:
I’m amazed, humbled, and in shock. Honestly, words cannot express how grateful I am for every single person who has given toward this adoption. The cost is so overwhelming, but I knew going into this that God would provide. And He is. It’s so amazing the timing of all the donations coming in. Right before we have a big expense, a donation comes in to match almost perfectly the amount needed.
To date YOU have given $26, 060. 
Right around the corner we will be paying our international agency cost which totals nearly $10,000. If you look at the difference between what we’ve spent and what’s been given you will notice the funds are in and ready to go.
How You Can Pray:
  • Pray for the dossier (paperwork) as it is en route to our agency and then off to Brazil. Pray for the hands that receive it.
  • Pray for this next phase of waiting. For us to be in tune to God’s leading and direction.
  • Pray for Brazil and the suspension. Pray for the government agencies involved to sort out complicated bureaucracy so that orphans can have a home/family to go to.
More to follow soon. Now that I’m out of the paperwork stage, I may have more to say. It’s been a long road. I understand a little more why they call it the “paperwork pregnancy”.
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