Monday, November 24, 2014

Santos Adoption - Playing in the rain and "firsts'...

One of the best parts of our time here in Brazil with our new sons was watching them experience lots of "firsts".  The expressions on the face of a child having positive first-time experiences and emotions are priceless. 

Our boys were born into a very poor household. Their mom was in the "sex business" and basically abandoned them early on. Their dad was loving, but what most people would call a "loser". He couldn't take care of the boys, so he neglected them also.

The boys spent much of their life in an orphanage, where they did not receive the adequate care, love, and nurturing that kids should receive. The social workers here are incredible and really do care, but it's nearly impossible to give good attention to the amount of kids under their care.

Here are some of the "firsts" that our boys experienced this month:
  • First time having mom and dad tell them a story at bedtime
  • First time having mom and dad sing to them 
  • First time flying a kite
  • First time having a picnic
  • First time going to the movie theater
  • First time taking a family vacation
  • First time staying in a hotel
  • First time going to the mall
  • First time eating in a restaurant
  • First time eating a burger
  • First time eating an omelet
  • First time playing in the rain
The first few nights we put them to bed, they would get tears in their eyes as we kissed them, sang to them, and prayed for them. It was obvious that their love tank was pretty empty, so they soaked up every moment. 

Here's a quick video of the day we let them play in the rain. Pure joy:

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