Saturday, April 24, 2010

CATALYST WEST: What I learned from Andy Stanley, Charlene Li, Mark Driscoll, Reggie Joiner, and Loiue Giglio


Andy Stanley, Pastor of Northpoint Church (
  • Your picture of the future will be no bigger than what you think is possible.
  • Jesus' movement brought about the reconciliation of sexes, cultures, ages, social status... we are called to continue that movement.
Charlene Li - Co-founder, The Altimeter Group & Author, "Groundswell & Open Leadership" (
  • Social media is no longer to be treated as a side note or small part of communication with others. Make time to dialogue, innovate, and invest in this form of communication.
  • Organizations need someone in charge of dialoguing through social media - respond to people's comments, add new friends/followers, web communication, use it for specific purposes...
Mark Driscoll - Lead Pastor, Mars Hill Church (
  • Ministry is not what we do for God, it is what God does for and in us.
  • Jesus Christ is the Senior Pastor of the Church. Don't build yourself as the head.
  • The Holy Spirit chooses leaders, we just appoint them. (Acts 20:28)
  • God gifts people in the church - build a team of specialists, not generalists.
  • We can't do what God calls us to do with our own strength.
  • The Holy Spirit falls when Scripture is taught. Teach a Scripture/Jesus centered life.
Reggie Joiner - Founder, The Rethink Group & Author, 'Think Orange" (
  • The ONE thing that gives us influence (Luke 15:2): See people through the eyes of a loving father.
  • Loving fathers are preoccupied with whoever is missing (friends of sinners); older brothers are preoccupied with themselves. Loving fathers operate from the context of forgiveness; older brothers operate from a context of shame. Loving fathers throw parties; older brothers throw fits.

Loiue Giglio - Pastor, Passion City Church & Leader of Passion Conferences (
  • The early believers didn't "decide" to be an Acts 2 Church - it happened as a result of something. All they had was: (1) The Word of God - teachings of Jesus. (2) They experienced the Resurrection. (2) The Holy Spirit's power.
  • Trust the power of God's Word in your leadership. Show people how to experience Jesus and know Him. Have Spirit-appointed leaders, Spirit-powered worship, Spirit-gifted believers, Spirit-filled preaching... and Acts 2 type of church will happen.

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